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Rooms of the WhK in the Institute for Sexual Science, 1919-1933

The turn-of-the-century project of founding a science of sexuality was preceded by a phase, beginning about 1850, in which, building on "observations of nature", discussions of "sexual deviations" were directly related to scientific debates about gender. At first "deviant", and then, from 1900 on, "normal" sexualities were addressed simultaneously by psychiatrists and the homosexual and women's emancipation movements, in particular, but given different interpretations and political slants by each. The term sexual science or sexual science was coined around 1900, and the first publications and lay sexual reform organizations were established. Before the First World War a wave of foundings of competing sexological organizations occurred in the area of conflict between sex education and reform on the one hand and a strongly "de-politicized" academic professionalization on the other. In 1919, after the founding of the Weimar Republic, Magnus Hirschfeld realized his dream of opening an >Institute for Sexual Science.

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