Marriage Reform
  The "League for the Protection of Motherhood and for Sexual Reform" (known in German as the "Mutterschutzbund") represented the radical wing of the bourgeois women's movement. Its primary goals were an improvement in the social status of "unwed mothers" and the achievement of equal rights for children born out of wedlock. The organization called for and set up marriage and sexual counselling centres.

Through its president Helene Stöcker and her personal contacts (Reitzenstein, Hiller, Hodann, Hirschfeld), the League enjoyed the closest possible ties with the Institute and the WhK. The WhK and the League were corporate members of each other's organizations and adopted each other's objectives as their own. In the struggle against articles 175 and 218 of the Imperial Penal Code, which criminalized homosexual acts and abortion, respectively, and their advocacy, among other things, of more liberal laws on divorce, both organizations cited legislation in the Soviet Union.

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