Beliefs in Nature and Progress
  The beliefs in nature and progress are intertwined with the movements of sexual reform.

Based on natural sciences new doctrins such as monism come out. Natural sciences are put forward among other things in order to know human "nature" - rather that of man and woman, since the gender roles are regarded as natural. Natural laws have to replace the judeo-christian norms since these have alienated human beings from their very nature and made them sick. The movement of "free body culture" (nudism)  1  tries most obviously to free itself from these obligations. There was a straight collaboration between the Institute and Adolf Koch's body-culture schools  3 .

For the movements of sexual reform the matter is not only to free the individual but much more this one must orient his behaviour according to the laws of nature 2  in order to contribute to form a "healthy people".

"Health" and "naturality" provide uncritical objectives for the reform movements.

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